About the Guild

I cannot experience myself as a scientific problem. Myth is more individual and expresses life more precisely than does science.  Science comes to a stop at the frontiers of logic, but nature does not: she thrives on ground as yet untrodden by theory.   

Carl Jung 

The Mythographers’ Guild is a familistery of writers and artists who work within the creative compass of myth, legend and folklore. This website is our virtual guildhall – a place where we come together to showcase our work and to assay the imaginative, aesthetic and academic artefacts that spring from our craft and provide a platform for potential collaborations 

We welcome new members to join with us from hitherto disparate fields such as poetry, prose, cosmology, fine arts, folk craft, photography, psychology and all spaces in between where myth dwells in the creative consciousness. 

Above all the Mythographers’ Guild will publicise and celebrate what wmake. 

 ‘Myths are public dreams. Dreams are private myths.’ – Joseph Campbell